Can a Psychic Predict the Future?

Psychics are supposed to be able to tell you the future. Of course, there are some people who claim that psychics cannot in fact predict the future, and that they simply use body language or plain guessing in order to tell you what your future holds. All human beings since the beginning of time have wanted to be able to predict what the future would hold for them or others. However, the future is really up to the person who desires to have their future told to them. According to Binkleman(1999-2013), “We create our own futures through our intentions, thoughts, words and actions. Free will gives us the ability to do so” (“Can Anyone Really Predict the Future?”, para. 2). Since a good psychic is able to identify spiritual energy, the answer to the question of whether a psychic can predict the future or not is one of “yes, and no.”

Not all psychics are ones that simply guess your future, but there are some out there that do. Most of the time, psychics have different methods of being able to predict your future. They may not be as accurate as you may want them to be, but they are the closest thing to being able to genuinely being able to predict the future that we as human beings have. This is not a lot, but granted, no human being was born without free will, and that is a good thing. No one wants to be a robot! Many psychics go off of what energy patterns were given off in the past, and how they might affect you. Since the world is made up of energy, which has been proved through scientific studies, it would stand to reason that someone would be able to identify those and make predictions about how they might affect you in the future.

When you are talking about psychics, the subject of whether or not the predictions are accurate is another subject entirely when discussing whether or not psychics can predict the future. They are two different discussions altogether. Yes, psychics predict the future. Are they accurate predictions? Well, yes and no. These are the reasons that psychic predictions are not always accurate.


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