All About Jamie

Jamie The Psychic is a physical & emotional Healer & a Psychic with Clairvoyant and Clairaudient abilities, She was born with the gift of empathy, where she is able to feel and instinctively know the emotions of others. She offers Mediumship as well; the connection and communication with those that have crossed over to that “between place,” and who still exist and want very much to speak with us. As a Healer,Jamie is able to see the physical body as the manifestation of the condition of the spirit. I’m here to Her path is to minister those in pain and to erase the effects of a lifetime of the unknown. She does this through love, understanding and continuous support and her incredible connection to her “Boys” (or Guides). Source is free to work in love and pure energy.

Jamie’s first book “Answers” is now available for purchase online. It’s a book of Questions that her “Boys” (or Guides) answer. VERY powerful and life changing. She’ll also give you tips on how to find real psychics online.

Jamie’s Live Radio Show on Blogtalk Radio with her co-host Mitchell airs every Sunday from 8-10 worldwide. Click the link to listen to past episodes and to listen live and call in with your questions. Tune in!

In addition, Jamie often appears on radio and television all over the country. She is a regular guest on The Daily Buzz National News program predicting all kinds of things!

Every year Jamie holds the “The Art of Being Enough” workshop at the Orlando Science Center. These are very moving and unforgettable. If you’ve seen John Edwards, it’s very similar. I combine “reading” people with educating them and giving them tools to live happy, fulfilling lives as the Creators they came here to be! At only $20 a ticket it’s an awesome afternoon!

I offer private readings via telephone & in person as well as weekly Life Coaching.


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